"After washing my face, and using the cream, my face feels cool & refreshed. It makes the skin breathe and leaves a tingling feeling."   Little Mike Greenville, SC

"My son uses this to keep his skin clear. He plays basketball and this helps fight breakouts from heat and sweating. Thanks for this product."                                                 Chad G. Gastonia, NC

"I like the cream very much. It does the job for bumps. It only takes a small amount to do the job. The small containers last a very long time."           Ruby T.  Arizona

"I used to always wear a hat to cover the bumps on the back of my head. After using this product, I don't have to wear my hat anymore!"                                      John W.  Mt.Pleasant, NC

"Bump Control feels cool and refreshing on my neck. I can feel the tingle as it works. Thanks for clearing up the bumps on my neck."                                                         Antwain J.  Charlotte, NC                                                                                      
            "When I sell this product at my barber shop, I always tell my customers to bring it back if it does not work for them. I have never had one person ask for their money back. The results speak for     themselves."                                                                                                       Gus P. Gastonia, NC                                                                     
  "I felt bad when I was in the barber chair because I thought it was the barber's clippers making a hill of bumps. He assured me that he was cleaning the clippers and recommended this treatment, Bump - Control. Now I'm clean and no painful  bumps."                                            Big John Columbia, SC                                                           
            "The cream is strong against blemishes but gentle on the skin. It brings the hairs out of the skin so they can be removed easily."                                                                     Terry W. Greenville, SC                                       

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